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"Where do pastries go when they die?

They don't stay on Earth where the hornets fly.

They fall into an oven of fire and fry.

But they can climb back out, if only they try!"

An unfinished prototype for the Metroidvania Month 12 Jam.


Not actually a metroidvania yet, maybe someday! For now you can run and jump around. You can press Escape or Select to switch to the next room.


Press Alt + F4 at any time to quit the application

Press Alt + Enter to switch between a maximized window or small window.

The window may be resized by dragging the edges.

Controls on keyboard:

WASD or Arrow keys to move Earl.

Space or Right Shift to jump

] to pause (and unpause) the game

Escape to switch to another room

Controls on gamepad (tested with XBox controller):

Left analog stick or directional pad to move Earl.

A button to jump (bottom button)

Start button to pause (and unpause) the game

Select to switch to another room


Made with Love2D


Music by cynicmusic (Alex Smith)


Everything else by Azecy

Install instructions

Extract the zip and run the exe inside, leaving all files in the same folder.


earls-private-hell.zip 27 MB


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Hello, it seems like I cannot launch your game :(

Oh, I'm sorry about that. I'll look into it


It should be all set now. I apologize again, & thanks for letting me know!


Thanks for the fix ! I'll try it soon :)

Great! Let me know if there's still any technical issues.